HKUST(GZ)’s first “academic affair publicity meeting ” successfully held

At noon on September 23, the first “academic affair publicity meeting” of HKUST(GZ) was held at the University Activity Center. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Lionel M. Ni, President of HKUST(GZ), and attended by heads of relevant administrative departments.


At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Lionel M. Ni stressed the vision of HKUST(GZ) that HKUST(GZ) will adhere to the high standard of schooling and strive to become a highland of innovative talent cultivation and scientific innovation, by adopting the cross-disciplinary pedagogy.


Aimed at building world-class, innovative and high-level research university, HKUST(GZ) will fully leverage its strengths. Upholding a “Unified HKUST, Complementary Campuses” framework, HKUST(GZ) shares the same brand and maintains the same academic standards with HKUST. Efforts has been being made to promote in-depth cooperation of two campuses, realize resource sharing and tap into complementary advantages.


Under cross-disciplinary academic setting, HKUST(GZ) adopts innovative academic framework of “Hub and Thrust”, sets up topic-specified labs and experiment centers, and is committed to breaking scientific fences built by humans, vertical mindset, and academic island. In terms of teaching, HKUST(GZ) will make continuous efforts to update pedagogy, promote project-based teaching and supermarkets of modules and courses, and improve digital literacy of students. In addition, HKUST(GZ) will improve social service and boost technological transfer as a science and technology university, providing fertile soil and ecosystem where inventions, discoveries and achievements in scientific and technological upgrading of teachers and students can be commercialized into products.


As to technological and industrial development, HKUST(GZ) encourages student innovation and entrepreneurship and vigorously develops technological transfer. Prof. Lionel M. Ni said cross-disciplinary momentum faces multiple headwinds. He encouraged teachers to explore opportunities beyond their existing disciplinary background with an open mind and in the spirit of inclusiveness and cooperation. HKUST(GZ) will also innovate mechanisms in resources and assessments to support and promote the burgeoning development of cross-disciplinary activities. 


When mentioning forms of cooperation between HKUST(GZ) and HKUST, Prof. Lionel M. Ni said HKUST(GZ) will put in place the Academic Affairs Committee and its subordinate committees as soon as possible. Through the governance of establishing committees, HKUST(GZ) ensures the diversity of teaching offered by professors and academic governance. HKUST(GZ) has built joint academic consultation mechanisms with HKUST to secure effective support for academic standards, degree granting and teaching resources.


Prof. Lionel M. Ni reiterated that teaching is the cornerstone of education and emphasized that teachers should adhere to the right direction of education reform, actively innovate teaching activities, and penetrate the student-centered education idea into every detail of course design.


Teaching reform and policy were also essential topics. For talent cultivation, HKUST(GZ) will adopt mentoring systems featuring individualized guidance and self-planning and personalized training modes, deploy a supermarket of courses and modules for course selection, and apply online and offline turn-based class. With a focus on fostering the design mindset of students, HKUST(GZ) empowers students with digital skills and improves their overall quality and literacy.


The meeting was defined by heated discussions, where participants had exchanges and discussions about multiple issues including joint supervision of students, support for scientific research, and academic leadership.





















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