HKUST (GZ) holds its first flag-raising ceremony to celebrate 73rd anniversary of PRC


Early on the morning of October 1,

embraced by the warm rays of morning light,

representatives of the faculty, students and staff of HKUST (GZ)

lined up at the outdoor stadium

to celebrate the birthday of the motherland.



This is the first time that the flag-raising ceremony

has been held at HKUST (GZ) to celebrate the National Day.


At 7:00 am,

striding with resolute steps,

the escorts held the bright five-star red flag

and marched towards the flag platform.



Accompanied by the magnificent music of the March of the Volunteers,

the five-star red flag rose slowly.

The teachers and students stood upright,

singing the national anthem in unison

and paying respect to the national flag solemnly.



After the flag-raising ceremony,

Liu Haichao, a PhD candidate of 2022

from the Robotics and Autonomous Systems of Systems Hub,

gave a speech as a student representative.



He said it was his first National Day at HKUST (GZ). Within a short period of two years, he witnessed the great leap of the modern, high-tech-empowered campus from a blueprint to a reality, which is mostly attributed to the national strategy of constructing the Greater Bay Area and Nansha District, as well as the all-round support for the university. He called on all students to fully utilize the university’s innovative advantages with considerable enthusiasm and confidence, carry forward the DNA of HKUST and make outstanding contributions to technological innovation, industrial upgrading and high-quality development in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.



HKUST (GZ) President Lionel M.Ni

delivered a “speech under the national flag”.



Staring at the national flag rising over the campus of HKUST (GZ), President Lionel M.Ni was filled with excitement and pride.


He stressed that we have witnessed the great achievements made by China since its reform and opening up, especially the new historic opportunities presented by China's rapid development in the new era. HKUST (GZ) is the first mainland-Hong Kong cooperative university established and the first major project completed after the Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Overall Plan of Guangzhou Nansha for Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Comprehensive Cooperation Facing the World were issued. Against this favorable backdrop, HKUST (GZ) bears great responsibilities and glorious missions.


As he pointed out, the mission of HKUST (GZ) is to nurture more high-level innovative talents for China, pioneer new directions of higher education pedagogy, build the world's first cross-disciplinary university, contribute wisdom to the “innovation-driven development” of the Greater Bay Area and the country, as well as offer solutions to the major challenges facing mankind.


He also mobilized faculty, students and staff to work together to build HKUST (GZ) into a world-class university with Chinese characteristics at an early date.


Living up to the youth and the era

A flag-raising ceremony is held on the National Day,

exposing all teachers and students

to patriotism education

and lighting up the

patriotic enthusiasm in the hearts of teachers and students.


Dedicated to serving the country,

all faculty, students and staff of HKUST (GZ)

wish the prosperity of the motherland together!

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