HKSUT(GZ) freshmen embrace the “First Lecture of the Term” with Prof. Lionel Ni leading an impressively-interactive speech


On September 2, over 500 freshmen of HKSUT(GZ) gathered at the main gymnasium and online livestreaming rooms of the university, embracing the “First Lecture of the Term” after enrollment, which is also the first lecture in HKSUT(GZ)’s history.



Upholding the “student-centered” pedagogy, the “First Lecture of the Term” invited external guests, freshmen, teachers and participants of the Redbird Challenge Camp. Activities included an impressively-interactive speech, a roundtable meeting, a redbird origami event, a student debate competition and the achievement display of students from the Redbird Challenge Camp, with more than 1,000 leaders, guests, teachers and students watched online or in person.



The activity started formally with a paper craft performance, at which Mr. Liu Tong, an acclaimed origami artist, folded a sheet of paper (3m by 3m) into a giant red bird, without any cutting or collage. The work runs through the rational thinking of careful calculation in combination with sensual art, represents a synthesis of mathematics and art, and reflects on the harmonious and symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature. Its vivid charm and rationality behind allow us to re-examine the traditional art of origami originating from China, as well as convey the innovative concept of interdisciplinary integration of HKUST(GZ).


What the eye-catching activity followed was the impressively-interactive speech “First Lecture of the Term” delivered by HKUST(GZ) President Prof. Lionel Ni, together with teachers and students. Under the theme of “Higher Education Reform and Innovative Education of HKUST(GZ)”, the audience was feasted with an impressively-interactive experience with the innovative integration of speeches, plays and dance flash mobs.


It is learned that the play “A Quarter in Life” staged during the “First Lecture of the Term” speech was created by a group comprising 20-plus teachers and students. It should be noted that to serve the drama and Prof. Lionel Ni’s speech, an energetic and rhythmic dance flash mob was performed by more than 10 staff and students, vividly interpreting the “Curriculum Knowledge Module Supermarket” system to be deployed by HKUST (GZ).



Then came the roundtable meeting, at which HKUST(GZ) President Prof. Lionel Ni, Prof. Zhu Chunsong, Director of the Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence (BIGAI), Dr. Xiao Guowei, Chairman of APT Electronics Co., Ltd., and other distinguished guests had a big discussion on the topic of “Diagram Reform of Regional Innovation Ecology and Talent Cultivation of Higher Education”. The meeting was chaired by Prof.Wu Jingshen, Vice President (Teaching & Learning) of HKUST(GZ).



In the last two links of the “First Lecture of the Term” event, the stage was returned back to students. Eight freshmen from the Redbird MPhil Program engaged in hot debate on the topic titled “Whether Postgraduates Should Focus on One Specific Discipline or Cross-disciplinary Research”. When it comes to displaying achievements of students from the Redbird Challenge Camp, teaching assistants and representatives of camp members shared their feelings, ranging from identifying problems and determining topics to the division of labor and self-appraisal, streaming through a stunning journey of collision, compromise and integration of thoughts.



The “First Lecture of the Term” was launched both offline and online, with simultaneous interpretation services in English and Chinese provided, in a bid to convey the innovative “student-centered” pedagogy which is expected to be adopted comprehensively to students and groups beyond.

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