The Delegation Headed by Prof. Lionel M. Ni Inspects Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory


This is a reprinted article from the front page of Jiangmen Daily.


Yesterday, a delegation led by Prof. Lionel M. Ni, president of HKUST (GZ), inspected the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory with the presence of Anming Chen, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and secretary-general of the Standing Committee of the Jiangmen Municipal People’s Congress. During the inspection tour, the two sides held a symposium on jointly accelerating the construction of the laboratory and agreed on the work plan for the next stage.



The delegation also visited the temporary exhibition hall, international conference center, office building, talent apartment, smart canteen and other venues. They viewed the implementation of carbon sequestration projects in agricultural ecosystems, and learned about the construction of technology innovation platforms such as China Energy’s Hydrogen Energy (Low Carbon) Research Center and Low-carbon Research Center for New Energy Battery Industry, and the planning and construction of the “Double Carbon” Industrial Park.


At the symposium, Prof. Qi Ye, executive director of the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory and acting director of Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship Thrust of HKUST (GZ), and representatives from Jiangmen Science and Technology Bureau reported the progress of the laboratory construction respectively.


Anming Chen, on behalf of the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and the Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government, congratulated HKUST (GZ) on its official approval for establishment. He stressed that the Jiangmen Municipal Party Committee and the Jiangmen Municipal People’s Government attach great importance to the construction of the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory and the whole city will make unremitting efforts to advance its construction as a top priority of the “Science & Technology Leadership” Program and a regional strategic scientific and technological force. Thanks to the joint efforts of both sides in the past six months, the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory has made remarkable progress in such aspects as hardware construction, talent introduction and system building. Recently, the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province confirmed its determination in the letter of reply to support Jiangmen in building the provincial laboratory. All sides believe that the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory is highly likely to be a national key laboratory as it has distinct characteristics, clear directions and vigorous development models. First, HKUST (GZ) provides constant intellectual support for the laboratory with its high-end innovation resources and research capabilities. Second, the laboratory is the largest scientific research platform jointly built by Guangdong and Hong Kong. Third, the development model of “double carbon laboratory + double carbon industrial park” integrating government, industry, education and research offers a new pathway for the transformation and industrialization of scientific research achievements, which has been recognized by numerous famous enterprises at home and abroad. Fourth, the laboratory will make great accomplishments in cultivating high-level talents devoted to the “double carbon” ambitions. In the next step, we will give full play to Jiangmen’s unique advantages as the “Capital of Overseas Chinese”, focus on the goal of establishing a national key laboratory, improve the policies for introducing high-end talents, actively establish a provincial laboratory, and make it rank among the “nine” scientific research hubs in the “1+9+N” system of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Technology Innovation Centers. It is hoped that HKUST (GZ) continues to vigorously support the development of the Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory, leverages its advantages in the school system and management to cultivate innovative talents with an international vision for Guangdong and Jiangmen, pushes forward the three double-carbon industrial parks for silicon energy, new energy ad electric power equipment, and jointly builds the laboratory into a national key laboratory.


On behalf of HKUST (GZ), Prof. Lionel M. Ni expressed his gratitude to Jiangmen City for its considerable support for the construction of the double carbon laboratory, and fully recognized the remarkable progress in the construction of the laboratory in the past six months. He said that HKUST (GZ) has fostered a pioneering cross-disciplinary academic structure with a focus on frontier cross-disciplinary disciplines. Carbon neutrality is an important area of cross-disciplinary integration. Jiangmen “Double Carbon” Laboratory is the largest experimental model for HKUST (GZ) to put its pedagogy into practice. HKUST (GZ) will give all-out support to the laboratory in striving to become a provincial laboratory and a national key laboratory. HKUST (GZ) will share faculty and research facilities with the laboratory to jointly cultivate high-level innovative talents and serve the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. HKUST (GZ) will leverage its achievement transformation and local industrial advantages, guide the incubation projects to settle in Jiangmen, promote industrial application, and deepen cooperation with Wuyi University and other regional universities, thus realizing resource sharing, jointly improving the quality of teaching and making great contributions to the high-quality development of local economy and society.


Bin Li, special assistant to the president of HKUST (GZ) and director of the Presidents Office of HKUST (GZ), and city leaders including Zhiqing Chen, Dewei Cai and Peishan Zhou also attended.

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