Urban Informatics: A Trend to Improve Planning Support Systems
11:00am - 12:15pm
ZOMM ID: 954 7652 5077 Passcode: 111666

Planning practice has struggled with the efficient ways to integrate new technologies in PSS into plan-making processes for many years. The main challenges in PSS implementation can be traced to fundamental weaknesses in PSS design including low user interaction on interface, lack of flexibility in model algorithm, lack of open and replicable data sources and collection methods, and inability to reliably replicate and adapt models across domains.

Opportunities in big data and smart technologies offer some promise for addressing the identified bottlenecks. Urban researchers have been studying ways that these new opportunities can improve urban operational decisions. Many of these studies focus on advanced information technology. The information generated, however, have not always been integrated with the decision making process, making them less useful in the practical planning.

A shift is emerging in urban information technologies away from technique-driven and domain specific models toward adaptable, replicable and integrated models that can simulate behavioral and biophysical relationships. Developed under the lexicon of urban informatics, these systems are enabling a new generation of PSSs that is more readily integrated with the process of planning making application more accessible to more places. Urban informatics are designed to engage citizens in policy discussions through automated systems, directed responses, user-generated data, and design driven communications.

This job talk will explore the relationship between spatial-temporal models, PSS technology and urban informatics. It will also explore how big data, ubiquitous computational technology, and digital social networks, can contribute to resolving some of the challenges in PSS implemenations.

ZOMM ID: 954 7652 5077 Passcode: 111666
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