Public Research Seminar by Advanced Materials Thrust, Function Hub - Heterophase polymer and composite materials for multifunctional applications
3:00pm - 4:00pm
ZOOM (ID: 950 4006 6024 ; Password: 266265)

Multicomponent materials (e.g., polymer blends and composites) offer a great opportunity to deliver multifunctionality for demanding applications. In heterophase systems, control of interfacial properties and microstructure is crucial to tailoring the properties of the material. In this presentation, we will focus on controlling the morphology in multiphase polymer systems to develop various functional materials, including hierarchically porous polymers for oil/water separation, advanced antistatic materials, high-performance polymer composites with core-sheath fibrils, and flexible nanocomposites for electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding. In addition, we will also demonstrate a supercritical fluid (SCF) assisted foaming strategy to effectively delaminate graphene for large-scale manufacturing of polymer/graphene nanocomposites. 


ZOOM (ID: 950 4006 6024 ; Password: 266265)
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Faculty and staff, PG students, UG students
Speakers / Performers:
Dr. Jun Wang
Function Hub, HKUST(GZ)
Science & Technology
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