Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship Thrust Seminar - The Roles of Regional Innovation Systems in Firm Innovation Performance in Asian Cities
2:00pm - 3:15pm
Zoom ID: 967 5327 6961 Passcode: IPE

This seminar presents three studies on the importance of regional innovation systems (RISs) in firm innovation capabilities and performance. Using an industrial survey data of Hong Kong manufacturers, Study 1 shows that regional innovation initiatives, knowledge-intensive business services and value chain information sources affect a firm's absorptive capacity or technological innovation capabilities, leading to better innovation performance. Using the empirical data from the Korea Innovation Survey (KIS), Study 2 shows that intra-regional R&D collaboration consistently improves new product sale and patent application. The three-way interaction of intraregional, interregional and international collaboration can improve new product sale. The two-way interaction of intraregional and interregional collaboration marginally improves patent application. However, intraregional collaboration interacting with interregional or international collaboration may reduce new product sale.  Finally, using another industrial survey data from 600 manufacturers in Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo, Study 3 explores that different public infrastructures, policy instruments, social environment, and funding sources have differential impacts on firm innovation performance across the cities. For example, in the sampled firms, government grants negatively, but ICT and knowledge infrastructure positively, affect firm innovation performance for all the cities. Respect of intellectual property as social environment positively affect firm innovation performance in Seoul and Tokyo, but not Beijing. These studies improve our understanding of regional innovation systems within a region, across regions in a country and across regions in multiple countries in Asia countries.

Zoom ID: 967 5327 6961 Passcode: IPE
Recommended For
PG students, UG students
Speakers / Performers:
Ka Wing LAU
Society Hub, HKUST(GZ)
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