Scholarships and Fees of
Postgraduate Degree Programs

Postgraduate Studentship (PGS)

  • CNY 10,000 per month, up to 2 years for full-time MPhil students
  • CNY 15,000 per month, up to 4 years for full-time PhD students

Application Fee

CNY 150
per application

Deposit for Admission Qualification

CNY 4,000
per offer

Tuition for Research Postgraduate Programs (with PGS)

CNY 40,000
per academic year

Tuition for Research Postgraduate Programs (self-funded)

CNY 150,000
per academic year

Fees for On-campus Accommodation

  • One-bedroom Suite:

    CNY 6,600/Suite/Year

  • Studio:

    CNY 5,400/Studio/Year

  • Six-bedroom Suite:

    CNY 3,600/Room/Year

  • Seven/Eight-bedroom Suite:

    CNY 3,000/Room/Year


  • The fees above are applicable to both Chinese students and international students.
  • The accommodation fees above are calculated on the basis of the academic year (12 months).