We aim to empower our students the essential ability to create effective interventions for real world challenges of the 21st century

The World Needs Cross-Silo Leadership

At the frontier of innovation, HKUST is continuously looking for breakthrough in education, research and knowledge transfer. While we have been moving to an era of technological advancement and digitalization, the world remains beset with many emerging complex global problems. The solutions to the most pressing global issues, however, could no longer be derived within a single conventional discipline. Many of the major trends and cutting-edge technologies, such as Big Data, Design Thinking, Microelectronics, Sustainable Energy, Bioscience, and Fintech are advancements made possible by linking different fields of studies. The ability of bridging diverse knowledge from multiple disciplines is an essential quality of our future leaders. While our new generation sees the urgency to make a positive impact on the world, our mission is to train versatile talents with critical mindset to foresee and identify problems, as well as to gear them with the competency to tackle the problems by leveraging their cross-disciplinary thinking and skills.

To deal with the escalating challenges on all fronts - economic, social, technological and environmental, it is important to prepare our graduates to be citizens of the knowledge society who possess the competencies of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. Seeing the need for a more holistic and integrative approach in higher education, HKUST(GZ) will adopt forward-looking pedagogical strategies to nurture students with essential competencies, local commitment and global vision required in the complex reality of the world today. We strive to deliver education strongly anchored to the needs of not only Hong Kong, the Greater Bay Area and China but also the global landscape beyond. In particular, our vision is to produce high-end leaders of the academia and industry tomorrow who are committed to the common good of humankind.