We aim to empower our students the essential ability to create effective interventions for real world challenges of the 21st century

Enquiry-based Cross-disciplinary Active Learning Model 

Central to the academic framework is the enquiry-based cross-disciplinary active learning model which blends enquiry-based and problem-focused learning to prepare our students to be future leaders and technology entrepreneurs. It aims to provide high quality and transformative learning experiences for the young talents, enable them to address the real-world needs and predict beyond in potential markets and industry, and to create social impact.   

Our post-graduate students will conduct cross-disciplinary research and be engaged in different levels of collaborations to formulate problems and create effective solutions which often require cross-disciplinary knowledge.  

It is anticipated that the ability of cross-disciplinary problem solving will be developed through team collaboration in the form of projects. All MPhil and PhD students in HKUST(GZ) are required to take one of the following two project-based courses:

  • Cross-disciplinary Research Method (2 credits)
  • Cross-disciplinary Design Thinking (2 credits)

According to their research interest and background, they can choose between the courses on Cross-disciplinary Research Method which focuses on using various approaches to perform quantitative and qualitative analyses through real-world examples, and Cross-disciplinary Design Thinking which focuses on user-collaborative design methods for generating inclusive product solutions that integrate stakeholder and product functionality perspectives. Students will also be required to take a core course from their Hub and at least another core course from one of the other three Hubs.

Through in-depth discussions over the whole project development, students will be equipped with the needed capabilities – the abilities to think creatively, to integrate ideas boldly, to solve problems innovatively, and to work collaboratively - in addressing the multifaceted challenges of the increasingly complex world.    

The enquiry-based cross-disciplinary active learning model has already been piloted in the MPhil program launched in September 2019. Building on the learning experience, it will be further developed to become the overarching pedagogy in the curriculum of MPhil and PhD programs of all Thrust Areas in four Hubs in the 2020 cohort and onward.  

Under the holistic and integrative approach, HKUST(GZ) will launch programs which will not duplicate the existing ones offered by the Clearwater Bay campus. It will focus on cross-disciplinary thematic programs to complement those in the Clearwater Bay campus.