We aim to empower our students the essential ability to create effective interventions for real world challenges of the 21st century

Four Hubs and their Thrust Areas

HKUST(GZ) adopts the Hub structure which facilitates Cross-disciplinary Education, Research and Knowledge Transfer. Combining hard, natural and soft sciences, each of the four Hubs comprises a few thrust areas. Central to the academic framework is the enquiry-based cross-disciplinary active learning model which blends enquiry-based and problem-focused experiential learning. 

The academic structure is planned to be sufficiently agile so as to respond promptly to the needs and challenges of the rapidly changing world. While the four Hubs will remain for a longer time, the Thrust Areas will be reviewed on a timely basis. The resulting model below reflects the actual needs of the real-world problems, giving no rigid disciplinary boundaries for the thrust areas as they keep evolving and not belonging to just one particular Hub.