Unified HKUST - Complementary Campuses

HKUST is well-positioned and will continue to enthusiastically support members to pursue curiosity-driven investigations in any disciplines within our established academic scope. Such activities may be fundamental with no immediate prospect for practical adoption. In parallel, the University is motivated to facilitate mission-encouraged research and learning in response to numerous challenges and opportunities of great societal implications. We recognize that the success of such pursuits requires expertise across disciplines along with necessary institution-wide structures and resources.

The establishment of HKUST(Guangzhou) creates an exceptional opportunity for new resources, organizational structure and physical settings needed for the systematic development of cross-disciplinary programs in concert with the disciplinary-oriented efforts.  We envision a unified university system that capitalizes on the aforementioned duality in support of both curiosity-driven and mission-encouraged pursuits while promoting two complementary campuses without duplicating academic programs, which at the same time retain two separate legal entities of independent finances with no cross-subsidization.

Under the Unified HKUST-Complementary Campuses umbrella, academic structures and degree programs are differentiated, the overall infrastructures substantially enlarged and updated, and courses and central research facilities open to students and researchers both ways. Even though the two campuses are of separate legal entities and financial frameworks, faculty are encouraged and supported to collaborate and co-supervise students, and students will have opportunities to pursue degrees offered by both campuses. This way, members of both campuses will freely choose their research topics and related studies with University’s overall enlarged scope, with more flexibility and better support. Accordingly, HKUST will further strengthen its role as a globally leading institution, and our faculty and students will find an encouraging atmosphere for their passions and interests to better develop their potential.